About us

'My love for history prepared me for the love and passion I have for antiques, which has been for the last thirty years, and taken me into a world of beautiful things, that most people only dream about. The truly wonderful thing about working with beautiful things is it means I love what I do, and this, in turn, means that I want my clients to enjoy this wonderful journey with me.

Working with antiques for thirty years refines one’s taste, and slowly over the years, my focus changed from general antiques like porcelain, glass, jewellery, silver and other objects to mainly silver and jewellery, which I have focused on for the last nine years. I find that when one focuses on certain things, as I have with silver and jewellery, your quality and standard improve tenfold because you only want to buy the best on offer, which in turn means my clients receive a very high standard and service from us.

I want my clients not only to buy beautiful silver and jewellery from us, but we also pride ourselves in giving our clients excellent value for their money, and above all, wonderful service, so that when they shop from us they are reassured of excellent quality, unique pieces, and absolutely terrific value. It is also very important to us as that our customers are always happy and satisfied with their purchases, so from us HAPPY SHOPPING, HAVE FUN!'

Yours sincerely,

Tyrone Sarkis


 We boast with our very own in-store Gemologist:

Melissa Snyder, is our Jewellery Professional and in-store Gemologist who has earned her Graduate Gemologist Diploma through GIA - the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the world's most renowned Gemological Institute. This knowledge that she has, ensures that we only buy the best quality on offer out there and our clients can, therefore have peace of mind that their purchases are of only the best quality and are 100% authentic.



Tyrone Sarkis Jewellery is a member of NAADA - The National Antiques and Decorative Arts Association.



Want to sell your jewellery or silver items to us? You can fill out your request on our Contact us page or contact us on our live on-site chat or directly on:

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